TravelNoise: Urban Village Grill, Denver

07 Apr 2022

Denver is certainly not the most diverse city in the United States, but if you know where to look, you can find incredible Indian fare. That’s the beauty of Denver being such a transplant city—you get to, even in flickers, experience other parts of the world. That’s exactly the experience Chef Charlie at Urban Village Grill has successfully created.


Inside the Park Meadows mall, Urban Village Grill sits unassuming, but you can’t ignore the aromatics wafting out around the entrance. Upon walking in, my guest and I both noticed the tasteful decor, natural wood beams and ample soft lighting. Equally soft music blended into the background of a gentle hum of a few other tables. We sat at the back of the restaurant facing the bar straight on, and we got the vibe that the restaurant is both casual enough to grab a bite after shopping or for a dress-up date. 

Our waiter immediately attended to us and after a few minutes of looking over the drinks menu, my guest decided on white wine ($7) while I opted for whiskey lemonade ($9). The wine was crisp and light while my whiskey lemonade was nicely balanced with a citrus twist. 

While we could’ve easily ordered everything on the menu, we asked our waiter to choose dishes for us, and Chef Charlie came out to walk us through everything he brought out. He started us with the kale moong dal chaat ($12), crispy kale topped with sprouted lentils, tamarind-mint-cilantro purée and roasted cumin yogurt, as well as the urban cauliflower ($12), Chef Charlie’s special crispy cauliflower tossed with tomato chili sauce. While the kale was a blend of creamy, crispy and tangy (as well as beautifully plated), the urban cauliflower was sweet and crunchy yet perfectly cooked with a rich undercurrent of heat. 

Next up were the chicken dumplings ($12) in a sweet and savory tikka sauce. It was more spicy on the tongue, juicy and with a punch of garam masala. We also got chicken tandoori in a trio of sauces—minty, tangy and rich in color from natural fruits and vegetables, charred but juicy tandoori chicken, perfect for a few bites.

Finally, we were served an incredible Thali-style platter with chicken, lamb, shrimp, lentils (daal) and aloo gobi with Brussels sprouts. We found that the platter was the perfect amount of food, served with rice and naan, and we devoured as much as we could before patting our bellies and waving the white flag. 

As a surprise, Chef Charlie sent out his homemade ice cream pops which were both fatty and sweet—the perfect end to the night. 

Did I mention we drove here through a snowstorm? Yeah, it was worth every minute of panic I experienced to and from the place, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 


Urban Village Grill

Address: 8505 Park Meadows Center Dr #2184, Lone Tree, CO 80124

Phone: (720) 536-8565