TravelNoise: de Mole, New York City

15 Dec 2019

There’s honestly nothing more satisfying than discovering a breezy taco joint during a stroll through Williamsburg on a hot and humid evening. As specific as that vision is, everyone who’s walked by de Mole would certainly recognize the tantalizing aroma.


The restaurant is casual, light and airy, making for a perfect date spot, with a beautiful view of the neighborhood. De Mole boasts a classic wooden bar, minimal decor and tasteful pops of color on the walls and in the art. There was enough of a buzz that early evening to balance out the muted yet thoroughly enjoyable music.

The drink menu was fairly standard, though my guest and I could tell that each cocktail was curated with fresh ingredients. That’s why we had to try the traditional margarita ($12), which combined Pueblo viejo blanco tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and fresh agave. The margarita came quickly after we ordered it (and we were able to watch the bartender meticulously craft it), and it was balanced, smooth and just the right bit of punchy.

As we snacked on the complimentary chips and salsa, we perused the main menu, noting the heavy emphasis on the tacos. We decided to try the el pastor tacos ($12) and the enchiladas de pollo con mole poblano ($18). The tacos included soft, bouncy tortillas, tender pork, and a refreshing kick from the citrus, while the enchiladas included corn tortillas stuffed with juicy chicken, a mole with depth and maturity, and creamy queso blanco. (PS: The mole sauce included 21 ingredients and takes three days to make!)

New York gets a bad rep for any latin cuisine (especially if you compare it to west coast cities), but if you’ve got a hankering for some good tacos, margaritas and atmosphere, you’ve got to check out de Mole. If you happen to be a mole fanatic, even better—flavor enthusiasts will meet their match here and will come back for more.

Address: 2 Hope St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (347) 721-3399

Sami Allen