TravelNoise: Brasserie Abode, Manchester

13 Aug 2017

Black and white striped floors, mirrored ceiling and a buzzing atmosphere, immediately creates excitement. The glamorous, modern interior makes an excellent first impression.


The evening begins upstairs in the bar with a pre dinner cocktail. With its sleek monochrome finish you already feel like you’re at that place everyone’s talking about. The perfect introduction is made; a French martini (£8) with a side dish of popcorn and an espresso martini (£8) with a side of chocolate coffee beans.

Following the pre dinner fun, it’s down stairs to the Brassiere past walls of black and white pop art inspiration engaging the mind as the mood switches from fun and quirky to a sultry relaxed dining space. The mood is secretive and romantic; the perfect spot where one may choose to conceal a secret or conduct an affair, the dim lighting and plush dark blue seating makes you feel hidden away from the world. It’s this secluded ambiance that makes you feel undisturbed allowing you to switch off, forgetting pressures of modern life (and forgetting work the next day).

Continental start, Tuna Tartae (£9) with spicy avocado (anything with avo is sure to please) and Steak Tatare (£10) with the bread of the moment, sourdough, both flawlessly presented. With the neat edges it looks too good to disrupt the symmetry and the freshness of the fish melts in the mouth creating a flavour explosion. The wine of choice is a crisp, dry white, Tuatara Bay New Zealand Savignon Blanc (£30).

The menu reflects the sophistication of the atmosphere with a wide selection of dishes to suit a range of palates. Main course is a nod to across the pond, 7oz Bavette Steak ‘avec frites’ (£12) and the Smoked Haddock, poached egg with mustard sauce (£15.50). The side dishes on offer leave you spoiled for choice, opting for the buttered spinach (£3) and the béarnaise sauce (£2) to accompany the steak, both easy on the pocket.

Rounding the affair off in the best way with the sticky toffee pudding (£6) soaked in a satisfying salted caramel sauce and the creme brulee (£6), which exceeded expectations! The risk  being the chance of a slightly limp topping; however this achieves the perfect amount of crunch, as the warm golden brown layer splits like cut glass to reveal the perfect quantity of smooth custard base. Tres bien!!

So if you like your continental cuisine and enjoy a sophisticated, relaxed dining experience, add the Brassiere Abode to your list. Or perhaps you’re looking for the ideal private spot to treat a certain someone and cut yourself off from the outside world.

Address: 107 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2DB
Telephone Number: 0161 200 5665


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