TravelNoise: Tapestry, New York

27 Aug 2016

Nestled in West Village, Tapestry combines elegant Indian techniques and flavours with a variety of dishes like fried chicken and spicy ribs. Upon first look at the menu, you’ll feel pulled in a lot of different directions regarding what to order, what game plan to choose. But, what won’t change is that undeniable depth of flavour only Chef Suvir Saran can provide.


The warm but contemporary atmosphere will compel you to cosy up under the varying geometric and pendant lighting. 7pm is prime time, and if you haven’t made reservations, you may be able to snag a two-seater among the clink of wine glasses and lively laughter. You know you’re in for something good with just one glance at the bartender, who is expertly pouring, muddling and mixing his way through experimental cocktails. A minimalist place setting prepares you for an ornate spread, embellished with bright, bold flavours.

I was at a loss when attempting to choose a cocktail—each one seemed both complicated and curated, and I felt it was best to leave the decision in my friendly waitress’ hands. For me, she chose Something Wicked ($14), and wicked it was. Spicy, sweet notes of the sangria hit immediately, and then, the delayed taste of smoke lingered long after my next sip. My dining partner ordered opposite me the Green Snapper ($14), which was refreshing, earthy and infused with basil.

The menu of appetizers boasted a wide variety of tastes, but it took practically no time for us to tuck into the devilled eggs ($13) and duck confit sope ($22). The devilled eggs, spiced with black mustard seeds and curry leaves, were bright, tangy and overall delightful on the tongue, while the sope was rich and tender atop a hearty corn cake. We barely spoke to each other as we placed sole focus on new relationships…with our dishes.

The appetizers only caused more anticipation, and immediate satisfaction, as our mains were placed in front of us. I dug right into the slow and spicy ribs ($35), which were juicy and tantalizing next to its equally enticing counterparts, the zingy baby bitter greens and a creamy, mild parsnip and celery puree. My dining partner chose the masala fried chicken ($30), which was nicely crisped and expertly seasoned, with a citrus-y peanut slaw and a vivid, minty tomato chutney.

If we had unlimited space in our stomachs, we would have finished the dishes, but felt the need to save room for dessert. We shared the strawberry shortcake ($12), which was spiced with just enough cinnamon, dense under the light, frothy whipped cream, and drizzled with balsamic.

While waiting for the cheque, our waitress brought over small candies and jellies for us to savour, one particularly sticking out in my memory as a too-good-to-be-true candied orange peel. If you’re willing to give up any and all free will to an absolute flavour experience, Tapestry is for you. Don’t come even remotely full, or you just might not make it out alive, and enjoy. I know for a fact I’ll be back for more.

Address: 60 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011 United States
Telephone Number: 

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