Stairway To Heaven via Duck & Waffle’s Origin’s Cocktail Menu

05 Aug 2017

We don’t really recommend you take the stairway to the 40th floor of one of London’s tallest buildings (also, the glass lift is way more fun), but reaching Duck and Waffle will make you feel like you’ve passed on into the afterlife, where a three course meal comes in liquid form only – yipee!


It’s all there, everything from the savoury to the sweet, and sometimes, the downright bizarre.

1) The Savoury One (Tomato)

So first things first – let’s start with some vegetables. It’s pretty important to look after yourself, fuelling your body with the fruits of the earth, so go with the tomato to start. This cocktail puts even the finest, expertly crafted Bloody Mary to shame, with its clear, light and fruity liquid served in a Martini glass, showing you just how tomatoes should be drank and we can leave the vegetable pulverising for the soup.

2) The Pallet Cleanser (Lime)

An experienced fine diner will be no stranger to a pallet cleanser between courses. Some sharp fruity sorbet to get them ready for the next part of the meal. Well, in true FN style we thought the only way to prepare for the next cocktail was to have another cocktail (are we starting to get a reputation for ourselves?). The lime cocktail is one of their most popular cocktails and is perfect for ‘cleaning out the mouth’, it tastes like a sharp and sweet key lime pie. You’ll be ready for the next in no time.

3) The Sweet One (Walnut)

For for the Mr and Mrs Sweet Tooth out there, this is where things start to get really good. If for you, getting your sugar fix is the best part of any meal, then try the walnut cocktail with toasted walnut monkey shoulder whisky, spent walnut shell aperitivo, pickled walnut, dry vermouth and walnut maple. Don’t let the idea of pickled walnut scare you off, this one is as sweet as a spoilt child asking for pocket money from their parent.

4) The Caffeine-y One (Coffee)

No meal should be complete without a great cup of coffee at the end. The coffee cocktail is probably one of the most special cocktails on the Origins menu. For us coffee addicts here at FN it’s by far our favourite. It’s like drinking a coffee flavoured pina colada, and miles away from a creamy espresso martini that you might be used to. This incredible drink is more refreshing than sticking your head out the window of a moving vehicle.

5) The One for a Night Cap (Olive)

So, we’ve saved the strongest till last, and it’s where the real character test comes into play. If you want a potent cocktail to send you on your merry way, a cocktail that’s going to guarantee a heavy, out for the count kind of sleep then look no further than the olive cocktail. It’s mixture of black olive compari and olive leaf Martini Rosso. Let’s just see if you’re still standing after this one.

All cocktails on the Origins menu £14