5 Reasons Why York’s Rae & Webb Rocks

07 Jul 2023

We’re not only about restaurants here at FoodNoise Yorkshire, you know! We’ve experienced some incredible cuisine at the humble coffee shop on our travels too, so thought it would be remiss of us not to indulge you lucky lot.


So step forward Rae & Webb, located in the heart of York on historic Gillygate. A secret gem we just had to tell you about…

1) The best scrambled eggs in town

The last time I devoured scrambled eggs this good was on a lazy morning at a breakfast bar in a Madrid hotel. The creamy goodness has stuck with me for years, and countless times, I’ve tried but failed to emulate those Spanish chefs. Now, thanks to Rae and Webb, I can say a massive muchas gracias. For the love of God, please go for brunch and order the Scrambled Eggs on Haxby Bakehouse artisan bread (£5.50). We added smoked salmon and mushrooms too. With or without, it’s a taste sensation.


2) A bacon butty fit for Yorkshire folk

According to Wikipedia, a bacon sandwich (also known in the UK as a bacon bap, bacon sarnie, and in parts of Ireland as a rasher sandwich, no less) is a sandwich of cooked bacon lovingly laid between bread that is spread with butter. Ahhh, that’s why it’s called the bacon butty, is it? And how these guys delivered. A pile of thick-cut bacon, once again on the bread from the team in Haxby. Seasoned with a rather fabulous onion chutney. Job done.

3) Hope you haven’t mist the London Fog

Alongside the salty goodness of the bacon butty, why not offset it with this rather wonderful London Fog tea? Well, is it tea or coffee? Depends on whom you ask, really. The London Fog is a tea latte that consists of Earl Gray tea, milk, and vanilla syrup (or honey). Despite the drink being named after our fair capital, it actually originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, although the creator remains unknown.

4) The charming backstory

The Rae & Webb brand originates from the family name of the owners Barbara and Simon.  Rae’s Bakery, which the family used to run in Scotland between 1908 and 1969. Bonnie Scotland was the starting point for the empire, and the family tradition of producing homemade cakes and treats has continued in their York coffee shop on Gillygate from 2016 until today. Rae & Webb coffee shop serves Origin coffee, plus their delicious selection of home-baked cakes and treats.

5) Its central location

Rae & Webb is located on the historic Gillygate, which, although outside the city walls and historic core, it has always been a lively street with lots going on. Evidence of Roman occupation has been found, and it’s possible that a minor Roman road even ran alongside it. During the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Jorvik period, the area was abandoned, and the street name Gillygate was first recorded thanks to the church of St Giles, Gillygate, which, of course, it was named after.


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