NEWS: Soho Favourite La Polenteria Rebrands As Leggero

07 Apr 2017

It’s a time for mourning. FoodNoise gluten-free favourite La Polenteria in Soho is no more. The King is dead. But…long live the King.


Like a phoenix from the flames, La Polenteria has risen and has taken on a new name, created a great new brand but more importantly has retained the healthiest and most delicious 100% gluten free dishes in all of London.

Everyone, say hello to Leggero.

Italian for ‘light’, Leggero provides a fabulously authentic Italian experience, without the stodge. With the Italian staples of pizza, pasta and the best breads, all those with gluten intolerances, you vegans and basically anyone with coeliac related dietary allergies, have more than likely struggled with Italian cuisine at some point in the past. Well, no more.

Leggero has the proud distinction of being the only entirely gluten-free, Italian restaurant in the UK  AND is also accredited by Coeliac UK.

Founder and CEO of Leggero Gabriele said…”Working for many years in finance I then decided to start a bold new adventure, many times wondering whether it was the right decision or not… Now I am happy and proud to say it really was. The outcome of this exciting journey is far more rewarding than I would ever expected. Offering customers an enjoyable experience without compromise, it makes all the effort worthwhile.”

And by jove was it worth it, just check out their fluffy, light and moist focaccia for starters followed by their home-made ravioli. You won’t regret it. And you probably won’t believe that it’s gluten free.

Just trust us….

Address: 64 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4UQ
Telephone Number: 020 7434 3617