This Winter Why Not Go Great Guns in Southwark

11 Dec 2018

According to a YouGov survey, London didn’t come up trumps as the friendliest city in the UK. No surprises there then. Apparently, we aren’t as cosy with those on our street as they are ‘oop north.’ And, after a few run-ins with my neighbours recently, I can definitely see why. Having said that, one of my neighbours I am now much more familiar with is Great Guns Social in Southwark.


For the winter, Great Guns Social have the Panhandle team, Max, Niall and Felix in the kitchen. Panhandle are supper-club heroes, bringing their exceptional cooking skills, with an ever-changing British based menu to Southwark. When you start a meal with the best focaccia you’ve ever had (£3), you know things are going to go well. I can’t even begin to give it justice just by describing how doughy, soft and oil-soaked it was, so I’ll stop myself there and move onto the Jerusalem artichoke and king oysters (£8) and the mussels and grilled cabbage (£8). I couldn’t have asked for more from either dish, they were streets ahead of anything I’ve had this year. Seriously that good.

The Great Guns is cosy inside, it’s classically furnished with leather chairs, brown tables and dark wooden floors. The bar and the staff are very close, there’s always someone nearby if you need your drinks topping up, or if you just fancied a gossip about the neighbour’s cat or the best food on the menu.

The next plates were oh-so-perfect I felt like I was keeping up with the Joneses. The chestnut tagliolini with girolles (£11), the hake with pumpkin gnocchi (£16) and the roast broccoli with panela (£12), were presented beautifully on big plates and felt like a sense of class had been added to their delicate flavours. They were rich, cooked to perfection and well-seasoned.

The Rapeseed oil cake, with plums and fresh cheese (£7.50), was odd and the only thing I could remotely fault. The flavours were too soft to be in the same dish and the textures were synonymously soggy, next time I’ll be closing the door on this one. The blackberry ice cream sandwich (£7) however, would have them running from the next village when they heard about the hints of star anise in the ice cream and how warm and melted the chocolate chip cookies were.

When it comes to the cocktails here there’s no way I’d be sitting on the fence, the Paddington Pick Me Up with marmalade was a great twist on an Espresso Martini and the Lychee You Baby had enough zing to wake up the whole close.

I’m happy this place is on my doorstep and happy to call it one of my good neighbours, and you know what they say about good neighbours right? Good neighbours soon become good friends.


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