The FoodNoise Guide to…Manuka Honey

24 Feb 2017

The market is choc-full of superfoods claiming to deliver all sorts of unrivaled taste and health benefits, but here at FoodNoise we just can’t seem to get enough of one “super-ingredient” in particular…manuka honey! With both, facts and hearsay flying around all over the place willy nilly, we’ve come up with a complete guide to understanding this season’s finest…


What makes manuka honey such an essential kitchen staple is how versatile it is as an ingredient, and of course, the vast benefits that can be gained from adding manuka into your everyday diet. Known for its proven antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, the food is even shown to fight away a cold or flu. Check out four  unique ways to use manuka…

1) Adding flavour and healthy goodness into your cooking

With its sweet taste and cooking-friendly texture, manuka can be slipped into any dish astonishingly easily. Why not try glazing your favourite fish dish or dousing those morning pancakes in manuka?

2) Treating cuts

Believe it or not, before manuka was so widely recognised for its place in the kitchen, the superfood was used to treat wounds and cuts. Don’t believe us? Try it for your self next time – you’ll be amazed!

3) Sweetening up your hot toddy

If you’re thinking about cutting out sugar from your diet, manuka’s the ticket for you! Keep some on the kitchen counter and banish sugar from your daily tea run. Not to mention, this will help keep anyway sight of pesky cold or flus.

4) As a soothing face mask

You heard right, manuka makes the perfect skin cleanser. There are loads of recipes out there; just get creative! Try a teaspoon of cinnamon and rosewater, of course, along with a good helping of manuka for that soothing skin detox.

How to spot a fake…

Make sure to know you’re getting the real deal! With vague packaging and subtle brand tricky out and about, always make sure to check for the words ‘100% pure manuka’ and an official UMF or MGO rating – all pure manukas will have these ratings. Pure Manuka is never heated or blended, so should always look runny and golden brown in colour, hence, honeys that are thick and light mustard colour are definitely not 100% pure Manuka honeys.

FoodNoise recommends Real Health’s 100% Pure Australian Manuka Honey, available in-store and online at Holland & Barrett and Boots, from £23.99.