Where to eat out on #MeatFreeMonday

10 Aug 2017

We love a good bit of meat here at FoodNoise, but we also like to help the environment. You might have heard the phrase ‘MeatFreeMonday’ floating around on the internet; well it was launched in 2009 by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney and the premise is that by skipping meat for one day a week can reduce your carbon footprint AND improve your health – it has to be a win win situation right?


Now there are plenty of meat free recipes floating around, but when it comes to eating out, vegetarian or vegan places are often hard to find.

That’s where Tibits comes in! It’s a vegetarian and vegan buffet style restaurant with the mantra ‘fresh, delicious and easy going’. The concept is simple – there are over 40 homemade dishes to choose from, whether you’re after salads, hot dishes, soups or desserts you will find it at Tibits and you can have as much or as little as you like. Price is dependent on the weight of what you’ve picked and the best bit is that you can nip in at any time of day to eat in or take away.

There are two London locations, one on Heddon Street and the newest in a former warehouse on Bankside.  Menus change seasonally, but if you decide to try it out this summer we’d recommend the Thai veggie meatballs and harissa roasted chickpeas and beans with feta!

What excited us most about Tibits is the fact that the dishes are not all just tofu or meat replacements but hearty, wholesome food that something even non-vegetarians can get on board with and leave feeling full and smug about being healthy!