Save the Date: Chartwell, Aldwark Manor’s New Fine Dining Destination, Opening on May 8th

20 Apr 2024

The £3 million enhancement to one of North Yorkshire’s most well-loved, luxury hotels, embodies the timeless glamour of the 1940s, delivering an incomparable dining experience rich in history and opulence.

Drawing inspiration from none other than Sir Winston Churchill’s iconic country home, Chartwell, the restaurant will set out to encapsulate the spirit of determination, fine dining, and exquisite wines, honouring the enduring legacy of the former PM.


Aldwark Manor Estate actually boasts a profound connection to World War II, having been requisitioned by the Home Office at the war’s onset to provide accommodation for the Canadian Air Force.

Christophe Gitton, Estate Director, sheds more light on the inspiration behind the new restaurant’s name: “Sir Winston Churchill rallied the British people and led the country from the brink of defeat to victory, so coupled with the estate’s connection to the Second World War, it seemed fitting to name our new restaurant after his treasured home in Kent.”

Those historians among you will easily spot that the Churchill theme is woven throughout the restaurant, with a wine tasting room named Clem after Churchill’s wife, Clementine, offering guests a selection of specially curated wines. And an opulent private dining room, Pinafore, takes its name from a charming private event room at The Savoy, where Churchill founded The Other Club, a British political dining society.

The intimate 24-seat restaurant welcomes guests for dinner service from Wednesdays to Saturdays, presenting tasting menus that highlight locally sourced, seasonal ingredients crafted with meticulous care by the talented team of chefs, under the guidance of Chris O’Callaghan.

The seven and ten-course tasting menus, named after two of Churchill’s vices Champagnes and cigars, offer a delightful array of dishes, including ‘Aged Yorkshire Beef, Caviar, Smoked Eel, Celeriac’ and ‘Barbequed Scallop, Cauliflower, Grape, Bisque’, with vegetarian options available.

Christophe Gitton expresses his excitement: “We are thrilled to introduce Chartwell to our guests at Aldwark Manor Estate. Chartwell encapsulates the essence of Sir Winston Churchill’s remarkable legacy, offering a dining experience that is both timeless and unforgettable.”

Join us on May 8th as we raise a toast to history, heritage, and haute cuisine at Chartwell, the newest culinary gem at Aldwark Manor Estate.”

The tasting menus, are priced at £95 and £130 respectively, and a wine flight is also available for both menus, starting at £75.

Aldwark Manor,
Alne, York YO61 1UF

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