Super Southbank: A Guide To Five We Love

28 Apr 2016

After strolling down the Thames and reaching the Southbank, who knows what might take your fancy? A bite to eat, a quick latte or a full-on afternoon session.

Southbank London – Cocktails at Brasserie Blanc – What’s on in London – FoodNoise

Well, here’s our quick guide to the hustling, bustling Southbank. It’s not all about the National Theatre and Southbank Centre you know!

1) The Restaurant – Brasserie Blanc

The newly-refurbished Brasserie Blanc offers diners a spacious and inviting seating area, without losing any of the charm it was celebrated for before the refurb. This classic bistro serves up French fine dining at an affordable price, without the need to duck across the channel (and, if you’re not catching a show, be home in time to watch Gogglebox). The new cocktail menu is full of fresh, summer flavours, the only issue being knowing when to stop! Plus, the gorgeously soft lighting throughout will help you feel like a supermodel even whilst nursing a particularly robust food baby.

2) The Coffee Shop – 2 Love Tea and Coffee

There’s nowhere better in the area for good, strong, drink-it-as-the-South-Americans-do-coffee, and it would give some of the best places in the whole of London a run for their money, too. They boast a selection of allergy-friendly cakes and snacks for those amongst us with picky tummies, plus the view of Westminster from the front of the store will please the inner-tourist in us all.

3) The Afternoon Tea – The Library Lounge in the Marriott County Hall Hotel

Searching for a bit of decadence? Then why not do yourself a big favour and visit The Library Lounge in the Marriott County Hall Hotel. Afternoon tea doesn’t have to be a stuffy affair either you know – take the free flowing bubbles option and suddenly you have the perfect excuse for not remembering exactly how many cakes you got through.

4) The Pub – The Fire Station

Built in the remains of an old fire station, this pub has maintained many of the original features, giving you ample conversation topics if that Tinder date is lacking in chat and charm. What better way to end the story about their Great Aunt’s 80th Birthday, than to point out that the lights hanging overhead are suspended by actual old firehoses? If that isn’t a conversation starter…

5) The Bar – Las Iguanas

For something a little more upbeat, Las Iguanas should be your new favourite haunt. Go for their happy hour and decide to stay, after finding the confidence to join in with the salsa dancing somewhere at the bottom of glass three or four. An overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere, with good food to boot, you just found your new, Friday night favourite.

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