Did things turn out sweet at the Jam Tree, Clapham?

07 Jul 2016

For a place that’s been featured on Made in Chelsea, you can expect big things from the Jam Tree Chelsea and the Jam Tree Clapham. Being a short and picturesque walk from the station it boasts to be the number one hang out in Clapham. There is a secret bar hidden behind a bookcase and an outside area big enough to hold Paris Hilton’s ego.

The promise of their BBQ summer menu was appealing, however, unsurprisingly, as the rain poured from the clouds in the sky, the BBQ sadly wasn’t on the cards. Luckily, the kitchen staff and appliances were up to the job.

On approaching, the outside looks as swish as the sliding doors that let you in and the Jam Tree’s popularity is evident in the length of the bar that runs across the back. The pop-art images of jam pots and British trinkets were a nice touch but the Beatles upholstery seemed a little out of place. Even on a rainy Tuesday evening the 2-4-1 happy hour got bums on seats.

The signature Jam cocktails are one of the things the Jam Tree does well. There is pretty much anything you fancy and while waiting for your food to arrive, it’s a good time to try them all. A seat by the large windows makes a great spot to people watch, day dreaming about owning the Ferrari parked in front of the charming house across the road and its ever-so-obedient puppy.

The Jammy Dodger (£9.20) is possibly one of the tastiest, creamiest cocktails around, with Butterscotch Schnapps, Frangelico, Chambord, double cream and strawberry puree. The pale pink liquid goes down easily and is reminiscent of Campino sweets that left our shelves in 2007. If you are still mourning their loss, then the Jammy Dodger is the way to go.

The starters of Sotong Manis (£8.50), a portion of sticky battered squid with a sweet kecap manis sauce and the Ginger & Chili Tofu (£7.50) were both large and tasty. Looking for some cocktails and a light bite? Then this is the place.

The Marinated Lamb Kebab (£16) was good for main, however outshined by the Wham Bam Thank You Jam (£9.20) cocktail that was served with it, topped with mouth tingling popping candy (wow, I feel like a kid again). The Fried Plantain & Pepper Sauce (£3.50) from the snacks menu was a good light bite if you like things hot – I swear the sauce was pulled straight from the gates of hell.

The Double Chocolate & Banana Brownie (£6.50) to finish was (thankfully) modest in size making enough room to try one more of the infamous drinks, the Black Moonshine (£9), just make sure you mix it well before taking a sip, no one wants to be pulling those kinds of faces at the table, this ain’t no Harry met Sally.

The Jam Tree is a really good place to meet friends, they excel in accommodating for large groups with cute spots to book and enticing happy hour offers. The delicious jammy cocktails leave you thinking of the good ol’ days, craving those tempting treats that came with it.


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