Don’t get Thai-d to the office this year! Thai Square, Fulham Broadway

22 Feb 2019

Want to know the best thing about Christmas being over in my book? Christmas staff parties are over too. There is nothing worse than entering a restaurant (if you can actually manage to get a reservation at that time of year) to discover you're sat next to the whole PR team from Media in the City or the sales department form Ugh!

Sadly, this was the case when I went along to Thai Square, Fulham, late last December. My heart sank as I spotted the empty table set for 80. I closed my eyes and wished it would stay empty for the duration of my meal. I was good last year Santa, promise.

Thai Square, Fulham is one of 13 Thai Square restaurants from the group and it’s very different from the Thai places I usually find myself in, it’s bigger and grander, decorated expensively, with low lighting, wooden panelling and a stunning feature wall of pots. You don’t have to go through the kitchen to use the loo, wait for the restaurant owners to finish their dinner before you get the bill or wipe the previous diners’ starter off the menu to read it.

In an attempt to get into the festive spirit (hurrah!) I started the meal with a Champagne cocktail (£9.50). The Bellini was sweet and went down so easily it could have had any introverted secretary dancing on the ceiling. Luckily the alcohol levels were quelled with the mixed vegetarian starter (£15): a selection of spring rolls, tempura, corn cakes and tofu satay. None of it was greasy or heavy and I was able to eat it at lightning speed thanks to the peanut dipping sauce which was way too good.

The Pad Thai with jumbo prawns (£14.50) was as authentic as they come. It was a perfect dish, with lashings of rice noodles mixed with bean sprouts and bean curds then dusted with peanuts. The jumbo prawns were as tasty and as big as the menu promised, showing off next to the noodles like the office clown. To rival this was the som tum (£9.95). A salad of green papaya chillies, tomatoes and lime juice. It was light, tasty and almost too spicy for me to complete.

Thai Square feels like a magical and exotic place with amazing Thai food. Dining here definitely felt like one of the biggest nights of the year and thankfully the party at the back were still trawling in as I left so I got off scot-free – just how I like it.


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