Silky Smooth Thai in Southwark – It’s Thai Silk

23 Jan 2017

Apparently, it’s dry January and my date for the night is the only one who’s remembered. It’s the first time I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Isabella Street, and for a bitterly cold Thursday evening, the place was absolutely buzzing. Punters were pouring out onto the street, ignoring the minus temperatures, beers in hands and ties undone.

I don’t quite know how I’ve missed this place, the railway arches that house restaurants along the street are quite frankly adorable. If I had more meat on my bones, or some alcohol to keep me warm, I too would be stood outside with the rest of them. Instead, I was headed for Thai Silk, a large restaurant that occupies two of the arches.

Outstanding decor is exactly what you can expect from a modern Thai restaurant these days, red coloured walls and dark furniture, nothing too over the top and the menus are portraying pictures of the food. Normally this is a red flag, it’s basically saying, ‘kiss goodbye to tomorrow.’

The service was super quick. We went to town on the starters, the Satay Chicken (£6.25) came with a peanut sauce so good I would have happily had it as a soup. The Tempura Koong (£6.80) was hands down the best battered prawn I’d ever had. It was a good size and you didn’t end up spitting out bits of tail because you took too big of a bite. Our waitress recommended the Moo Yang (£11.80), which was a very generous portion of sliced pork with not one bit of fat in sight. The only thing that let this dish down was the chilli and coriander dip. Sadly, the bitter sauce was left feeling as unwanted as a bounty in a tin of Celebrations.

For mains, we shared a Pad Thai (£7.95) and they let us have a mixture of prawn and chicken, it was probably less painful than waiting for us decide what we would prefer. The quality of the chicken and prawns was excellent, but the consistency of the noodles just wasn’t quite right, must do better.

The vegetable dishes did not have this problem, the Phad Makeur Yow (£6.95) was a dish with real soul. The large chunks of stir-fried aubergine, sprinkled with spicy fresh chillies and sweet basil was proportioned perfectly. The Phad Tauhu Kraprow (£6.95) showed off the simplest of flavours, with stir fried bean curd, fresh chilli, garlic and basil driving me wild.

When it came to drinks, our cocktails were (sadly) virgin and the Pina Colada has been playing on my mind ever since. Like a 16-year-old in love I can’t and won’t shut up about the mixture of pineapple juice and coconut milk poured over crushed ice. It’s a drink that would make going teetotal easier than finding a fish in the sea.

For this, Thai Silk is perfect, it’s not just the large restaurant that does it justice but their bar area is welcoming for after work drinks too, I’d just make sure you book ahead if you want to enjoy a sit-down meal. It does get busy.

Oh, and they have karaoke rooms upstairs. Just saying.


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