Regal Burgers & Bangers @ The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

13 Sep 2016

The Banger Bros food is as filthy as it gets, I'm talking loaded burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork and melted cheese fries. It’s unpretentious and no-nonsense style has caused quite a storm, a storm that’s well and truly taking over the country and causing some mouth-watering damage wherever it goes.

It was a Sunday evening and heading down to its latest home, The Duchess of Cambridge, I can’t even lie and pretend it wasn’t the day after a very heavy night before, so a promise of fried potato, juicy beef and a hair of the dog had my name written all over it.

Being an SE17 girl, anywhere out west feels pretty much like suburbia and leaving a tiny tube station, walking past rows of leafy trees and perfectly painted homes, housing 2.4 children is a refreshing, but alien experience from my scruffy (yet loveable) part of town.

The Duchess of Cambridge proudly hugs the corner of Goldhawk Road and the shabby-chic windows let the light flood onto the duck egg blue walls and dark brown wooden flooring and tables. It does look fairly fetching and it seems they too have read the ‘gastropub decor manual for dummies’ that’s been loaned from the library so much they’ve had to stick various pages back together with duct-tape.

For once, it was easy to choose a meal since the menu was nice and simple. Hot dogs, burgers or bangers and mash – you can see why it’s called the Banger Bros and their ‘no frills’ attitude to food is intensely refreshing.

I went for the Ranch Burger (£9) since beef patty with onion rings, pulled pork and slaw was calling me from somewhere high above. My dining partner bravely went for a bit of heat with the Double Hot Burger (£7.95). A spicy mixture of melted jalapeno cheese, piquillo peppers, pickled jalapenos, smoky hot chipotle sauce and Filthy Fries (£5) complete with a ‘Parental Guidance’ warning.

They arrived at the table in adorable wooden boxes lined with paper. I think I pretty much went green with envy as I spotted the Filthy Fries covered in pulled pork, drenched in sauce, dusted with cheese and sprinkled with pickles. However, the burger smashed it out the park and I didn’t even care that I’d practically dribbled it all down my hands and onto my bare knee.

It’s fairly relaxed in the Duchess of Cambridge and even with the England game on (which, of course the plus one noticed in a matter of seconds and managed to place himself within perfect viewing distance, I might add) it was quiet enough to not distract you from conversation or yummy food, although he did keep glancing over my shoulder at it whilst pretending to sip the highly recommended (if you like your pale ale) Coast to Coast pint.

With the hangover well and truly kicking in we opted out of the South Street Gelato-Style ice cream, a decision I would later on come to regret, but I suppose it’s just a good excuse to make a sharp return next Sunday and I’m now also dying to try one of the gourmet hot dogs too, let’s just hope and pray that next time I can leave the hangover safely at home.


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