Pan-Asian Bottomless Brunch At Tootoomoo, Crouch End

28 Dec 2016

Bottomless Brunch has just popped right up! Out of nowhere! All of a sudden, anyone who’s anyone is doing it. With unlimited alcohol and unlimited food, it seems a shining star has been born. Spending long Saturdays and lazy Sundays around a dining table, getting a glammed up version of an all you can eat (minus the buffet) is the new (and quite frankly pretty awesome) way to spend a weekend.

Tootoomoo is one of the places to take on the bottomless brunch, a restaurant combining Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cooking which can be found dotted across the city. For 1.5 hours and for £35pp their Pan-Asian menu is your oyster for the afternoon.

Visually, their Crouch End flagship is everything your typical Asian restaurant is not. Inside, its décor is as vibrant as the exotic flavours in the food. Turquoise, red, blue and yellow make a smashing colour scheme. It feels fresh and youthful with its geometric tiles and eccentric green foliage, even on a quiet Sunday evening in November there is life in the place.

The danger with the bottomless alcohol is attracting the wrong type of customer and as the young lady at the table next to us struggles to open the patio door, moments after knocking over her seventh cocktail, you do wonder if you want to make it to the finish line, since winning gold doesn’t look that graceful.

The menu was delightfully compact, classic dishes could be spotted instantaneously. Chicken Gyoza, BBQ Pork Ribs and Salmon Sashimi were selected to start. The Pork fell from the bone with ease and the chicken gyoza was steamed well, lacking the typical pool of peppered water that escapes when bitten into and scorches your face, your fingers and the person opposite you.

Their aromatic duck pancakes had to be tried as a second starter, it was the perfect amount for one, especially when teamed with the incredibly soft and sticky California prawn roll, which kept its oval shape even after being attacked by clumsy hands that are embarrassingly unskilled at using chopsticks.

If you enjoy picking at bits and trying things out, then it’s a great way to do food. The meal could have easily ended there, but since it was bottomless, the only sane thing to do was order more.

Stir Fry Pad Thai Noodles and Szechuan Chilli Chicken was the next food hurdle that hit the table, looking good in their bowls and terribly photogenic. The taste of each dish would leave no diner, however full from the courses that came before, with any regrets and the cocktails ordered along side, added another string to their Tootoomoo bow. The handsome Pineapple Ginger Mojito was delightful and can be enjoyed even if you aren’t a mojito fan. The powerful kick of ginger was a really nice touch when mixed with the sweet pineapple; they can even do these to take away.

Tootoomoo have successfully combatted the bottomless brunch, their portion sizes are perfect and their wide selection of drinks sets it apart from its competitors. After sitting in their stylish dining room you’ll be glad you’ve found an Asian restaurant that actually leaves you wanting some more, they’ve made it to the podium and you’ll definitely want to revisit regardless of the brunch being bottomless or not.


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