Palatial Palestinian Fare @ Tabun Kitchen, Soho

05 Sep 2017

‘We serve beer that is as cold as your ex-girlfriend’s heart’ is the tagline chalked down on the board on the way into Tabun Kitchen.

Anywhere with a greeting as sharp as that works for me.

Not the biggest restaurant in Berwick Street but definitely one of the more inviting, making our way to the back of the room, we were met by a cosy booth lined with scatter cushions, somewhere you can really get comfortable and settle in for the evening with a bottle of your favourite beer, wine or a cocktail.

Perfectly situated inbetween Oxford Street and the heart of busy Soho, passing trade and foodies are in for a treat.

I’ve been away from London for a while and this place showed me just exactly what I’d been missing.

If you’re in the market for a relaxed atmosphere or even just a cosy place to catch up with friends, lovers or colleagues alike, Tabun Kitchen is the one.

Important things first, as a self-professed beer connoisseur, no sooner had I spotted the Palestinian beer Taybeh on the menu, I was sold. Some of my party went for the Pomegranate Belinis as a sweet, crisp refresher to start with.

Myself a Jerusalem street food newbie, I was more than ready to get stuck into all the delicious options on offer, having performed my usual ritual of scanning the menu to see what’s good before I arrive, I already had an idea of what I was in for.

There’s a choice between their main menu and set tasting menu which includes four courses and tea and coffee for £35.  As a group of six, we went for bits and pieces from their main menu, however the tasting menu is perfect for couples or smaller groups.

Grilled Halloumi, Fava Beans and Hummus with Tabun Breads were all firm favourites as starters, full of flavour, authentic and just right for our vegetarian friends at the table.

My partner and I went for the Lamb Tahini Kofta Pizza with Pine Nuts and Chilli and the Za’atar Fries with Toum Garlic Sauce. If you’re like me and like your lamb falling apart, well, this is just the ticket.

Other members of our group went for the Akawi Cheese and Za’atar Palestinian Pizzas, these are recommended between two or if you’re hungry, why not just do it and go for one each.

As there is always room for dessert, we were curious to try the Knafeh, which is Akawi Cheese, Kataifi Pasty and Orange Blossom Syrup.  We were also recommended the Muhulabieh, Rose Scented Milk Pudding. A delicious mix of savoury and sweet, a perfect way to finish.

Meat lovers and vegetarians will be able to find common ground with this menu as there is a perfect compromise between both styles of food.  The vegetarians in our party were definitely not short of options.

Super friendly staff, an array of flavours, and an atmosphere as warm and inviting as the delicious flavours on the menu, this place is a real winner, looks set to get busier and busier as word gets out, so don’t forget to book!


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