Made in King’s Road, Made in Italy, Chelsea

22 Mar 2018

Made in Italy, Kings Road is one of those places that whacks you in the face with atmosphere. As soon as you swing open the door, it’s cramped and people are everywhere, there’s no space without a table, there’s not even room to breathe out. It’s brilliant.

Once I’ve climbed the tight wooden stairs and saved my jumper from catching fire from the neighbouring table’s tea light I’m safely squeezed into my seat. It’s the ideal place to watch the restaurant life play out with a glass of medium organic Italian red: the 2016 Le Altane Sangiovese del Rubicone. The wine wasn’t anything to tell my Mother about, lacking a punch of flavour, but it was inoffensive enough to accompany the courses yet to come, and previous to this I’ve been known to drink warm wine from a box so…. I’ll let you fill in the gap.

As the food cooks in the kitchen, the smell trickles through the wood lined building and past the terracotta painted walls, it was as if the waves of flavour were flowing through the tiers like a cartoon, turning me into a looney toon with my nose in the air and eyes the size of spaceships.

The food started strong with classic bruschetta (£6.90) and potato croquettes (£5.50). The croquettes were so soft and fluffy I swear they deserved rights, and the bruschetta was the optimum balance of oily tomato-ey soaked bread and tough crust.

Pinpointing exactly what makes good atmosphere isn’t an easy task, there’s a fine line between the right amount of people and too many – like having one extra chocolate at Christmas, or the extra chip which just pushes you over the edge, making you feel downright uncomfortable. Maybe one more person would have spoilt the balance, but the atmosphere inside the little restaurant on the Thursday evening was just right.

When it came to the pizza, the Truffly (£9.75) on a multi grain low gluten base was covered in fior di latte, mushrooms, ricotta and truffle oil. It was a fantastic and powerful flavour, filling my mouth with a taste I was scared to forget. The Vegan paradise (£13.50) with vegan mozzarella and salami was better than the real thing. There were just no compromises made, no pathetic and grey looking coconut concoction with about as much edible qualities as a used sports sock. The cheese was yellow, stringy and cheesier than an ABBA smash hit, and the salami was balanced, spicy and herby.

I know I sound like I’m gushing, but they do say love is blind and in love with Made in Italy, Kings Road is exactly what I am. I would recommend anyone to go here, but I’m not so sure I want to share, or how I feel about threesomes.


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