Take all the family (and whoever) to Kin, Fitzrovia

25 Jun 2017

For you vegetarians out there, finding good food (well, any food) used to be harder than answering the final question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. If you were lucky, you’d find a cheese, or at best, a half-decent cheese and tomato sandwich. If you were vegan, well, plainly speaking - god help you.

Thankfully, things have now changed and meat-free food is more common and more appealing than ever before. One of the places that got me drooling over their vegan and vegetarian menu was Kin cafe in Fitzrovia. Turning even the most modest vegetables into something to be craved and desired. Broccoli stalks and round tomatoes looking more attractive than a young Leonardo DiCaprio with his shirt undone.

Kin is in a part of central London that’s about as un-central London as central London can get. Small cafes and restaurants with punters squashed around tables outside on the pavements, little verandas and hand-written messages and specials on a-frame wooden chalkboards. It’s a welcome sight to eyes that have grown tired from orange supermarket logos and yellow fast food ‘Ms’ situated moments away.

It was a particularly unbearably hot day – I’m sorry I couldn’t avoid the urge to talk about the weather – when my friend and I had the pleasure of visiting, so getting inside the cool interior of Kin was a real treat, and the sight of the food-covered counter, even more so.
The design of the cafe is simple and clean: whites, greys and earthy tones make the technicolour salads stand out even more. Although the dining area is intimate (I get the feeling it’s more of a ‘to go’ kind of place for workers in the area), it still feels light and airy inside. Even tucked on one of the tables at the very back, where we chose to place ourselves.

After a thorough investigation of the menu and eyeing up the food with about as much modesty as Lady eyeing up the Tramp, I went for the Korean pancake, or pajun (£5.50) (if we want to use its proper name) and my friend chose the vegan quiche (£5).

The pajun with chive yogurt was as bright as the wallpaper in Austin Powers’ bedroom, the mixture of carrot, courgette and spring onion working together to create an intense colour and an equally intense flavour. The vegan quiche was also good, spinach, leek, onion, red pepper, pastry and pesto, were nice on top of the (thankfully) crusty base. I don’t know if I would choose this one over the real deal but it was still good nonetheless.

The side salad however was where Kin really excelled. There were crunches and slurps, salt and sugar, sweet and savoury, bounce and snap all going on in this welcomingly hectic side dish that we shared. It was a mixture of the nut ‘meatball’, cabbage and broad bean, and watermelon and halloumi salads. The latter being my favourite: pieces of watermelon and mango fighting for attention against the salty halloumi in my mouth.

Kin’s veggies could win your heart for a wee while, and it’s a great lunchtime spot. You’ll love what you see and like what you eat so do make sure you pay them a visit. In the meantime, let those cheese and tomato triangles sink to the bottom of the ocean where they so very badly belong.


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