Is it an Authentic Italian Casa or Pizzicotto, Kensington

29 Jul 2016

Generic and stale Italian chains are in every corner of London, with their shiny stainless steel interiors and waiters not as passionate. Aren’t we all looking for passion and that homely good food feeling when it comes to Italian restaurants?

Pizzicotto, a family run restaurant in High St Kensington, however, does these very well and the ingredients are supplied by producers in Emilia Romagna. Now that’s going the extra mile!

I had a little knowledge of the restaurant, the words ‘fresh’, ‘family atmosphere’ and ‘proper’ Italian food been repeated time and time again. I was expecting to walk in, be hit with the smell of fresh pasta, strong scent of olive oil and cheese. And happily, I got that.

With its teal panel walls, rustic furniture and wooden tables, I would not say the décor will necessarily take you away to the ristorantes of Italy, however you will feel like you are in an Italian casa, in your ready-to-wear to slacks, hair tied up preparing for the epic three course meal ahead of you.

The restaurant opens at 6pm and by 6.30pm was filled with loyal regulars and locals. I noticed there was a table for two next to the bar, where single diners are seated and throughout our meal, there were about three of them. They knew the staff by name, and you could tell they were regulars. More than a good sign. Very noticeable was also the amount of Italians in the restaurant. To our right, a group of four older men, and to the left a family of 10. If that’s not another sign of good food, then I don’t know what is.

The waiters and manager, James, go from table to table talking to the locals yet giving them the space to dig into their meals and conversations.

The menu is mainly in Italian, with a bit of English subtitle. Our waitress went through pretty much the whole menu, after asking us what we liked she picked out three starters, the Butternut Muffin, simple with a complimentary fondue, the Scallops with a Parmigiano crumble, the crunch of the outside to the buttery taste of the scallops was an explosion of taste and flavour. Lastly, the Culatello ham from Zibello with the Focaccia bread, the sweetness of the bread and salty ham made me want to just keep going.

Mains, Tagliatelle pork belly ragu and the Spicy salami pizza, which definitely had a nice kick to it. The pizza base is black, which is due to the use of charcoal (supposedly quite good for our health). I personally didn’t notice a massive difference but it’s definitely something different.

To round it all off, Tiramisu. Creamy and with a strong taste of coffee, it is everything you would want from a tiramisu. Unfortunately, after forcing down three (delicious) mouths full, I was done!

Three starters, and one main with a glass for £36 per person for authentic Italian food is definitely worth it. If you don’t feel the need to be as gluttonous as myself with the three starters, then you can come in well under the £36 mark.

The venue has a homely feel and the generous portions of food and the sourcing of the authentic ingredients give the restaurant that extra little something. And with additional attention to detail and the obvious passion for the food from all involved, it’s a definite ‘Si’ from me…


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