Hooray for Orée, Chelsea

27 Nov 2017

Remember that scene from the Roald Dahl classic when amongst absolute chaos, the prettiest looking pud flies through the air and just lands perfectly on Matilda's plate? It's the kind of pudding or cake you always see in shop windows, or inside curious glass display cabinets, that you're never really sure are edible or not.

I’ve never enquired about one of those cakes. I’ve never stopped (other than perhaps to take a good snap for Instagram) to actually buy one. Why not? Well, because as incredible as they look, I’ve always been suspicious about whether they tasted just as good – as it turns out, they do!

Walking into Oree Boulangerie in Fulham I instantly felt at home. Surrounded by gorgeous bread ovens, walls of freshly baked loaves, white and marble and gold wherever you turn and an array of people, either meeting over breakfast with laptops out, swirling their frothy coffees, or living their best life, not working and simply living for brunch in places like Oree.

They don’t just offer shiny, perfectly assembled cakes that Masterchef judges would coo over, their menu goes beyond the typically French assortment of pastries and also provides Londoners with their much needed daily dose of scrambled or poached eggs. Thank God.

Back to those cakes though – they genuinely do look too good to eat and you feel almost ashamed when you have to fork yourself a bite. I tried to share, but they’re too fiddly you see, you’re much better off keeping your pastry to yourself. I must recommend you stick to the sweet section of the menu and order Cannele, the Strawberry Tartlette and the Chocolate Lovers – to start. Then I will permit you to explore the eggs.


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