It’s All Plane Sailing At Hanger SW6, Fulham Broadway

01 Sep 2016

It’s not often I find myself heading to Fulham Broadway for dinner.  Cafes, pubs, interior design shops, most certainly.  In fact, I have admittedly found myself tottering along those South West London streets pretending I’ve just bought a house or just got engaged to some high flyer, updating shop assistants on all of my (very deluded) design plans for the (not real) house I’m currently (not) decorating, or the flower arrangements I’d like at my (non-existent) wedding.  But dinner?  No, I wouldn’t head to Fulham Broadway for dinner.  Until now…

When it comes to fabulous steak restaurants, we’re pretty spoilt for choice in London.  What we have been missing however, is exceptional steak in a relaxed environment, at very reasonable prices.  Hanger SW6 offers just that and more.  Stripped back in design, the restaurant on ground level is light, airy and spacious with space for around 60 covers. You feel incredibly comfortable as soon as the charmingly friendly staff greet you at the front door.  The menu which changes seasonally (other than the famous hanger steak of course) is big enough to excite the taste buds, but small enough to be able to avoid the dreaded menu stress (I avoid Chinese restaurants wherever possible these days).

Londoners are truly getting to grips with their steak recently – but still, we often go for the same cuts each time.  Hanger steak is one of those secret cuts that is finally receiving the fanfare it has long deserved.  Known as the ‘Butcher’s Steak’, butchers often kept it behind for themselves rather than put on sale.  It may be a cheaper cut, but the flavour is truly heavenly.

We kicked off with a selection of starters to share, as we just simply couldn’t choose.  This was a bit of a theme I must say, and an excellent decision.  The Salt Beef Croquette (£5.50) was served with a tangy, slightly mustardy chimichurri.  With the flavour of a Rubens Sandwich, one of the world’s greatest inventions in my opinion, they were light and crispy moreish mouthfuls of sheer delight.  We wanted to order more but we knew we had a lot ahead of us.

Also to share was the salt and vinegar squid (£6.50).  Again, crisp and light and cooked to perfection.  What struck us most about each dish was the clever accompaniments that really rounded off each plate perfectly.  The squid was served with a creamy and tangy mayo with a daikon garnish that kept the dish clean and interesting.

Now for the main event.  A board of juicy hanger steak with no less than three dipping sauces.  Each mouthful was eye-rollingly tasty and, with the abundant selection of sides we had ordered including Spiced mac and cheese with a parmesan crust, triple cooked chips with garlic and rosemary AND potato gratin with blue cheese (all £3.50) to eat it with, we were in our element.  In fact, we did so well I think many other guests though we might be in training for the Eating for England Olympics (yes, that’s a thing we made up and soon will be a reality).  We were also recommended the special. Seared tuna steak with a daikon and carrot salad in a sesame dressing.  Amongst all the rich dishes, this for me was the star of the show.  If it’s available when you go in, I’d certainly recommend it.  Or get both, just like we did!

Desserts were a triumph, although those with an aversion to sugar may want to look away now.  Chocolate orange brownie served with cornflake ice cream and a banoffee split with peanut butter cream and Dulce de leche ice cream.  Must I go on?

Downstairs lies a speakeasy style bar with a very different style to the upper level.  Comfy chairs and dark lighting, it feels a little obscure to be attached to the restaurant upstairs, but nonetheless, a great destination bar for when the sun decides to bid us adieu.  With creative cocktails on the menu and incredibly talented bar staff who can create pretty much anything you like on the spot, it’s a great option for dates (especially as it’s hidden you’ll get extra brownie points) or drinks with friends.  There’s also a bar snack menu so no need to worry about getting peckish.

Hoorah for Hanger SW6! Although don’t tell the butchers their secret is out.


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