Friday Night Dinner @ The Jam Tree, Clapham

05 Mar 2017

Sometimes we get so stuck in our ways that it’s hard to see the wood through the trees.  If we live in North London, it becomes virtually unheard of to trek south, be it for a family occasion, a work commitment or even for a damn good feed.  Even Clapham can sometimes feel just that little bit too far.  But thank God we put on our walking boots and made the journey into the deep, dark south.

The Jam Tree, Clapham launched a brand new evening menu in February and if ever there was a reason to get us all the way to the bottom of the Northern Line, this was the very one.  The new offering includes a diverse variety of dishes, encompassing everything from light and healthy plates, to wonderfully indulgent guilty pleasures.  No need to guess which way we went.

On walking into the restaurant come bar, it was surprising (and delighting) to see that, despite the fact there is a rather large bar at the back and a rather huge cocktail list on the tables, this is a fantastic place to dine.  Quiet enough to hear your friends and loud enough to still make you dance a little bit as you peruse the menu, The Jam Tree screams Friday night, and it’s got you covered whatever kind of Friday night you may be looking for.

The innovative new menu, which has been created by Head Chef, Gary Smith (previously Stonemason’s Arms, The Flask) offers dishes made solely with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, taking inspiration from a combination of far-flung countries.  It’s a real mixed bag, which may make you think the dishes will be confused, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Chef Smith knows exactly what he’s doing and he brought us a taste explosion (and was the cause of a much-needed work out the next day).

Friday night calls for comfort food so we opted for the hot and spicy Buffalo Wings (£7.50), which genuinely were the real deal, except that they actually looked pretty too when presented.  Who knew that was possible?  The Sotong Manis squid (£8.50) was indeed as its description said on the menu – sweet and crispy, however just a bit too sweet for our personal taste.  The batter though, was out of this world and hard to resist just eating it on its own.  Mains were 28 Day Aged 8oz Rib Eye Steaks complete with all the fixin’s – peppercorn sauce, onion rings, watercress, etc.  If we told you this was one of the best steaks we’ve had – north or south of the river – would you hold it against us?  So perfectly rare and a big old hunk of meat, this steak delivered on so many levels.  Can’t we eat it again?  Now?  Please?  We’ll come south, we promise…

 The Jam Tree Clapham is the perfect spot to relax away from the hustle and bustle of South London, whether you are based down those parts or not. You can enjoy creative cocktails, delicious dishes and fine wines which are absolutely packed with flavour.  A surprising place with a menu as varied and delicious as our beautiful London, whichever side of it you choose to lay your hat.


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