Desperado For Some Wild West Action? Django Bango Gold Rush, Vauxhall

03 Aug 2016

Listen up, y’all! Welcome to the desert town of Django Bango, where Lenny and Trixxie Dixxie welcome you to their gold mine. However - mischief seems to be a-foot! The scuttlebutt is that smugglers are trying to steal their gold, and if you’re able to help the lovely Trixxie Dixxie by declaring any of the gold you may find hidden in your grub, she will reward you very handsomely! But far from explaining her whole story we’ll leave it to you to make your way to the gold mine in anticipation of a mighty fandango...

Expectations were high with Gold Rush. Nothing beats a theme night! Especially in London, it brings everyone out of their shells. It gives everyone a little mask (or in this case, cowboy hats and boots) to wear for the night. This was ever-evident here, where guests were sat on tables of six. Mere strangers at the beginning of the evening, we doubt any of the diners left without fond memories of their fellow diners-come-miners, with each table seemingly doing more yammering than eating!

The scene is set as soon as you walk in, with the location being a functioning steel works during the daylight hours. The team have brought a true touch of the wild west into Vauxhall, with a rotating float of musicians to keep diners entertained each night. We’re telling you, the only thing missing was the line dancin’ (which we would have wholeheartedly embraced). Prepare yourself for a complete sensory experience!

The food was another jewel in the crown – perhaps gold coin in the mine is more apt. They also, very thoughtfully, provide vegetarian options for all courses; if there’s one thing the Wild West was, it’s inclusive!

We starting with a Smokey Pork and Torched Monterey Jack Muffnut. It somehow managed to be crumbly yet still moist, with soft, juicy pulled pork to boot. Then came Crocodile Tempura Miners Bucket with Sweet Chilli Jam. Now crocodile might not be something everyone has tried, but in the Wild West a day with crocodile is just another day!

The show stopper was the Six Hour Roasted Beef Short Ribs, Buffalo Trace Whiskey and Crunchy Slaw. Lenny thoughtfully came around asking if anyone wanted seconds, and our hands were straight in the air! Generous portions already, we didn’t make it through the second helping, but gosh-darn it, we gave it a good ‘ol try.

By the time the Smoked Cajun Sausage Gumbo was served, we were mighty full. In a show of camaraderie with our new-found table buddies, one of the guys added everything the rest of us were unable to finish (aka strategically saving our stomachs for dessert) and added it to his own. A true testament to the food that he decided to consume the leftovers of four virtual-strangers!

Whether you go for the music, the setting, the characters, the food or the drinks (which were a little more contemporary with old-timey names). We highly recommend Gold Rush for something a little different than your normal Friday-night dining experience. Sitting in the mine, although just a stone’s throw away from Vauxhall station, we truly did feel transported back to a slower, simpler, and carefree time. We giggled, drank, and shouted ‘I’VE STRUCK GOLD!’ in a room full of strangers without a care for the real world at all.


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