For London’s Cleanest Burger, it’s Cut + Grind, King’s Cross

15 Apr 2018

Us Londoners are truly accustomed to the grizzly grey skies that are laid down upon us. I don’t know about you but whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse, my belly dances a little jig. That’s partly because in my life, I treat any misery to pleasure, to soften the blow you could say, but also because I’ve developed a poor habit of rewarding myself when it rains with delicious, hearty food. What do you think rainy Sundays were invented for?

Located in the new, albeit rather strange, complex behind Granary Square and Google HQ by King’s Cross, Cut + Grind is not to be confused with the barber shop Cut & Grind, Soho. Yes, I nearly made that mistake and what a palaver that would have been:

“Erm, hello there, could I order your ‘Beef Brave’ patty, please?”

“Is that a short back and sides, with a skin fade to 3?”

So, on a dismally grim Sunday afternoon I headed in the direction of The Orient, eastbound from my home in Shepherd’s Bush with my trusty housemate, Harry, by my side; as if the weather wasn’t miserable enough, we both had stonking hangovers. One could say that our misery was waiting arms agape for any amount of pleasure it could find.

The venue was clean-cut and simple: not too much, not too little. We were off to a good start. The metal-framed, industrialised glass windows that encased the space offered a smidge of natural light onto our table, which myself and Harry swiftly filled with a couple of large pints.

Much like the décor, the menu is straight to the point, there are no frills attached. The meat is ground on site to ensure freshness and quality, and it’s done so with such a sense of professionalism that I was left feeling trusting and, most importantly, excruciatingly hungry. To accompany the beer, we had to choose between ‘juicy’ and ’skinny’ cuts of meat, and, naturally, I opted for juicy because everyone knows that fat = flavour.

Keeping it old-school, I decided on the ‘Classic’, which consisted of burger béarnaise, lettuce, pickle and sweet red onion, whilst my compadre went for the ‘House’ – similar to classic but with beef tomato and maple bacon. Then with sides of beef dripping fries (triple cooked, Heston-style for extra crunch), ‘Chargrilled Broccoli’ and a ‘Superfood Chopped Salad’ our order was sent to the kitchen.

Thirty minutes later, two more pints each down and belt buckles well and truly unfastened, we had completed the task at hand. The burgers were cooked to perfection: rosey flesh exuding clear juices. The sauces – homemade might I add – paired perfectly with the fluffy, crunchy-coated chips and the char on the broccoli rekindled summer BBQs with your pals.

In terms of doing exactly what it says on the tin, Cut + Grind goes up there as one of the cleanest, purest burgers you can find in London. The patties aren’t overloaded and oozing grease like most chain burgers you find these days but instead they’re refined and classy, packed full of flavour and panache –  and I’d imagine it won’t be long until we see a second appear!


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