It’s Chips. That are Hip. Simple! HipChips, Soho

18 Nov 2017

Sometimes I reminisce how great it was when back in the day when I could just eat an entire bag of Kettle chips for dinner and feel totally guilt-free and fine with doing so. Then I remember that I still do that, only now the bag is paired with wine - and actually it's usually a few bags and occasionally (if I'm with fancier friends) a couple of olives too.

I can only imagine that the guy who decided to open Hipchips – a restaurant situated in Soho that serves only the crunchy crisp – shares my love for the simplicity, the tastiness and salty goodness crisps provide.

It’s time to forget about Skips (you had already, hadn’t you?), the Pringle, the Wotsit and the flakey pickled Monster Munch. Crisps have gone gourmet – or about as gourmet as they can get.

I’d pictured a pic ‘n’ mix style offering – pick up a bag, a tiny shovel and start loading up ready for the weigh-in, but the setup at Hipchips is far more civilised. For a start, you don’t help yourself, you’re served your crisps, in a beautifully designed box in which you’d usually expect to find a doughnut.

There are dips too, and not just your standard hummus or sour cream and chive, oh no. Smoky Cheese Fondue with pickled red onions, anyone? Uh, yes please! Moroccan Yoghurt, Katsu Curry, Baba Ghanoush – all of the dips have been carefully created by crisp-enthusiast Chef Scott Davis who knows all too well which would make for the perfect accompaniment to his seasonal potatoes.

It wouldn’t be a proper meal without dessert, so you must of course end your Hipchips experience with a selection from the sweet menu. That’s right folks, Chef’s only bloomin’ gone and added cinnamon instead of salt to some of his sweeter-in-flavour spuds. He’s given those a selection of their own astonishingly delightful dips too. If crisps dipped in Chocolate Praline Mousse and Campfire S’Mores dips don’t intrigue you even just a little bit, then I don’t know what will. You stick to your Walkers, we hear Prawn Cocktail’s making a comeback. #boremelater.

If you need a little Dutch courage to try the most unusual flavours of the bunch then by all means indulge in a beer or wine – this is a restaurant after all, and alcohol is indeed on the menu.

I wonder if you’re sitting there thinking why on earth would I go to this place for some crisps?! Well, if my naming of potentially some of the best dips to be invented since guacamole isn’t tempting you enough, how about the fact that a box of Hipchips actually makes an epic dinner party present – it beats a bag of Sensations or a box of After Eights, that’s for sure. Hipchips is also the perfect survival snack for a boring afternoon in the office with your workmates, the ideal place to take a client from suburbia for a f-u-n! lunch in the city, and ultimately The Best hangover cure. They deliver too.

p.s. It’s also extremely Instagrammable.


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