They’ve Done It Again – Bone Daddies, St Christopher’s Place

Ramen | 10 Feb 2017

If shopping has got your weary bones a bit worse for wear, head to the latest Bone Daddies St Christopher’s Place, a ramen bar serving Japanese food against the soundtrack of rock ’n’ roll.

Bone Daddies, St Christopher’s Place

The latest Bone Daddies branch has opened on St. Christopher’s Place, offering reprise to all worn out Oxford Street shoppers.  There’s plenty to soothe your cockles other than noodles.  To start, there’s a selection of snacks to share, from the Aged Dashi Tofu to the Sweet Spicy Pig Bones. Inspired by New York, the Bone Daddies specialty is their gutsy ramen, but let’s not forget the robata and wok dishes – such as the buckwheat Yaki Soba that are exclusive to this branch.

There’s also a new Kushiyaki section offering skewers of ingredients. For vegetarians, shiitake mushrooms are marinated in kimchee butter and sweet chilli ponzu, before being slow-cooked over a robata grill until succulent but tender.

Bone Daddies St Christopher’s Place offers the ramen we’ve all come to know and love alongside new and exciting dishes.  Plus, bowl food is soul food and after a day of shopping, it’s not just our wallets that will need rejuvenating.