A Tantalising Taste of Tel Aviv at Bala Baya

IsraeliMiddle Eastern | 16 Jan 2017

The south side of the river, around the Southwark area, plays host to Bala Baya, a brand new eaterie that celebrates the cafes and restaurants of the bustling city of Tel Aviv through Israeli chef Eran Tibi’s amazing (mother-inspired) cuisine.

Bala Baya is a welcome addition to this part of London that is not necessarily known for a plethora of restaurants, but it’s great to see a venue throbbing with a combination of great food and culture in the area.

What makes this place a little different is the fact that it’s a bakery in the early hours and then the daytime sees it transform into a pita kiosk and ‘proper’ restaurant. And the pitas themselves are cooked ultra-fresh in a special oven, actually made by Chef Tibi’s father himself.

Other delights include the Salmon & tahini, Lamb & dumplings and Red snapper & fennel salad. But back to the pitas, and it’s the pita pockets with different fillings that people go back again and again for.

Then, wash it all down with a nice, refreshing Gazoz! ‘What is Gazoz?’ we hear you cry. Well, Gazoz is a fizzy and fruity homemade drink that the Tel Avivians (sic) go crazy for. And why not when you can sup it in flavours such as Plum with fig & lemon thyme and Watermelon & red basil.

All in all, if you fancy an awesome new joint that’s a little bit different and full to the brim of culture and incredible food, hey presto! Look no further.