Superb South-East Asian Fare @ Lao Café, Covent Garden

LaotianSouth East Asian | 16 Jan 2017

The team behind Rosa’s Thai Café has just brought central London another sure-fire hit in the form of Lao Café, serving authentic Laotian food.  

Not entirely sure what Laotian food is?  Lao Café is the place to try.  Although similar to traditional Thai food, Laotian has its own distinct flavour and variety.

Communal dining is a huge part of the eating experience, so sharing plates are the law of the land at Lao.  Dishes are listed in both English and in traditional Lao and the menu is made up of a mix of salads, meats, curries, hot pots and stir-fries.  Looking for a winning platter?  The pla pao gluer, or salt-grilled whole fish for two, is a clear no-brainer.

We’re also definitely going to be getting busy with the chicken soup & toasted black sesame hot pot; fermented Lao sausages; char-grilled pork skewers; spicy salad with char-grilled aubergine; and bar snacks like deep-fried chicken wings and beef jerky.

If you’re already a fan of Thai food, and Rosa’s specifically, Lao is the next logical place for you to relax, socialise and eat some authentic food from a less explored culture.