Relive The 70’s @ Bobby Fitzpatrick, West Hampstead

CocktailsPizza | 18 Jan 2017

Sometimes food should just be…well…fun.  Stuffiness and over-poncification (yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s a word) gets boring.  We want to kick back, listen to some music and eat some happy food.  Bobby Fitzpatrick, the new pizzeria and bar in West Hampstead, seems to echo our sentiments exactly.

It’s not often you find a 70s-themed restaurant these days, much less one that prides itself on its party atmosphere and loud décor, but Bobby Fitzpatrick’s does it perfectly.  From shaggy rugs to vibrant wallpaper, this place offers delicious deep crust American-esque pizza.  Think traditional toppings and crazy ones, like chicken tikka.  There’s burgers and a pretty epic banana pie as well.

Cocktails are (as you’d expect from a good-time joint like this) pretty epic.  Try the Sanford University, which is made with vodka and cherry cola.

Get yourself down to Bobby Fitzpatrick’s this weekend and get the party started with 70s cheese, pizza cheese and just general cheesy merriment.  You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.