No porkies, it’s really great food – The Other Naughty Piglet, Westminster

BritishFrenchFrench with an English twist | 18 Feb 2017

Its sister restaurant blew us away, but this joint takes creative small plates to new heights as the now-go-to for fine wines and delicate baby bites.

The Other Naughty Piglet, Westminster

Recently opened in the newly-refurbished Palace Theatre, the amped up version of the original cozy spot elevates your senses in all the best ways. The menu is short, but focused, on good-quality cuts of meat and fish. You can still get a range of cuisines, from BBQ pork belly to some European classics like Devon crab and beef rump.

As for drinks, expect natural wines, just like The Naughty Piglet. Natural fermentation and limited intervention from winemakers make these wines a vintage collection of winners, all of which you’ll love at first sip.

Small plates range from £8-15, so you can still feel free to order a variety and taste the best without shelling out too much.