Next Stop, It’s The Rail House Cafe, Victoria

CafeInternational | 04 Mar 2017

The Rail House Cafe may be Victoria's biggest and most accommodating eatery ever. Seating over 300 guests in private dining rooms, a bar area and a terrace, the rail house cafe has a warm and comforting atmosphere with a killer menu.

You’ll want to Instagram your brunch here since many menu items are over-the-top gorgeous (they have green tea waffles… can you visualize how ridiculously beautiful that would look? No filter needed) and the lunch menu has plenty of small plates to share. You’ll feel elegant eating here, but the vibe is so casual, you’ll be sinking into your chair to get comfy.

There is also a full drinks menu to provide any of your favourite wines, beers or spirits. Your meal will set you back between £15-25 a person, which is extremely decent considering what you’re getting. Bonus: it takes reservations all day, so bring that party of 50. Rail House will be happy to serve you.