Move over Del, There’s a new Prince of Peckham

PubStreet Food | 18 May 2017

A hearty pub with local street food, craft cocktails and enough space to bring all your mates? Prince of Peckham can provide it. The 300-seater renovated pub hosts a slew of incredible bands and artists while providing a true get-together experience with big picnic tables and slabs of jerk chicken.

The food, made by White Men Can’t Jerk, boasts bold Caribbean flavors while still paying homage to British cuisine with jerk sausage rolls and curried mutton shepherd’s pies. Come ready for some heat, because Prince of Peckham is going to bring it. Drinks, on the other hand, range comfortably from a number of rum-based cocktails to an extensive beer and wine menu. It is a pub, after all.

You’ll get the full community experience at Prince of Peckham, plus some kickass Caribbean food. Can’t beat that.