We Love Big Buns & We Can not Lie – Wonderbunz, Hammersmith

Fast FoodInternational | 20 Feb 2017

Wonderbunz is as deliciously interesting as the name suggests, offering steamed buns and pies filled with meats and curries inspired by the cuisines of Singapore and Malaysia.

Wonderbunz, Hammersmith

Situated in West London, this gem is a self-service kiosk system, making your experience entirely individual while still maintaining a right-at-home level of comfort. You’ll want to dig right into the steamed buns, or bao, and Siew Pau pies that are to die for. Fillings vary from just about every type of curry you could ever want to spicy beef rendang.

And if buns aren’t your thing, their menu expands well beyond that, including salads, noodles and rice pots. As far as the drinks, they offer the standard fare of sodas and teas, but you’ll want to get your hands on the iced coconut slush, which comes in an assortment of flavours.

With just about everything on the menu under £5, you can go all out and eat to your heart’s content.