Jamie Goes Downtown, it’s Barbecoa, Piccadilly Circus

InternationalSteak | 13 Feb 2017

Barbecoa takes the meaning of "barbecue" to an entirely new level, and implements a more grown-up approach than the typically family-friendly Jamie Oliver establishments. The St. James's-located restaurant provides a lot more than just standard barbecue fare: think Argentinian grills, tandoor oven and a Texan smoker, so all your bases are covered.

You can peer directly into the open kitchen and watch the masterful chefs boast their techniques, and while you smell the sweet scents of the fruit woods they use to smoke the meats (like apple wood and cherry), you can enjoy a craft cocktail or a straight-up from their whisky wall.

For about £16-40 per person (including an extra £10-12 for a whisky), what you get will be, guaranteed, well worth the price.