New New York Inspired Pizza Joint – it’s Hai Cenato, Victoria

CocktailsInternationalItalianPizza | 07 Feb 2017

We as Londoners will seemingly never grow tired of Italian food.  It’s an eternal love affair between us and la pasta.  And our romantic flames are set to grow with Hai Cenato, a New York-style Italian restaurant that has just opened in Victoria.

Hai Cenato, Victoria

Housed in Victoria’s NOVA food development, alongside 16 other restaurants and three pop-ups, Hai Cenato’s cosy atmosphere and fantastic Italian cooking is setting Victoria-goers hearts racing.

Inspired by old-fashioned, family-owned Italian eateries, the menu is described as “casual New York-Italian,” and features everything from pasta and risotto to grilled meats, pizza and homemade gelato.

Above the restaurant is the Drunken Oyster, a cocktail bar designed to resemble a railway carriage. There are some Italian classic drinks, featuring British ingredients, such as the Negrosé made with gin, vermouth, and strawberry and tonka bean Campari.

So Victoria, it seems pulses are set to rise and that old faithful Italian flame will continue to grow.  Hai Cenato, it may just be love at first sight.