Get Fresh At Bel-Air, Farringdon

| 30 Jan 2017

Farringdon just gets better and better in terms of restaurants.  Or is it worse and worse for your widening lunchtime belt?  Never fear, the newest addition to the Farringdon food scene is Bel-Air, bringing their nutritious fresh food to the local community.

Based on a love for all things Californian (well of course, it is healthy, after all) but founded firmly in Shoreditch, Bel-Air’s new site is bigger than the original and has room to eat in.  Good news for those of us who need to slow down and lunch and let our indigestion have a break.

Inspired by founder Andrew Bredon’s time in L.A, Bel-Air serves California-style American fast food, putting to bed the notion that all fast food is unhealthy, Bel-Air’s all-day menu is full of seasonal whole foods and fresh produce, with gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Healthy does not equate to bland in this bolthole though.  The food is genuinely exciting and satisfying, despite the fact it’s also good for you.  The winter salads are pretty special.  Try the likes of the Mexican quinoa salad with black beans, tomatoes, jalapeño, coriander, lime and pepper.  If a morning pick me up is more your thing, try the breakfast bagels, which include eggs, onions, coriander and chives.

For a meal including a drink which comes to about £10 a head, Bel-Air has just redefined fast, reasonably priced food and we think we just heard Farringdon let out a collective cheer.

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