Easy as ABC at the all-new Alpha Beta Bar @ The Modern Pantry, the City

BarTapas | 16 Jan 2017

Many moons ago, when we first arrived in fair, old London town, The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell was one of our first ‘proper’ restaurant experiences and boy have we (and they) not looked back since. Anna Hansen et al opened the Finsbury Circus branch in 2015 and now, step forward The Modern Pantry's Alpha Beta Bar, Liverpool Street.

Named after the grand, old financial building it is housed in, as with all Liverpool Street joints, it’s ideal for city dwellers/workers to pop in to after a hard day’s trading/graft to just unwind and mock us ‘normal’ folk.

It’s the kind of place you would expect in the City to be fair. But with one little difference, the cocktails and (of course) the food.

The cocktail menu itself uses a number of in-house spirits and it feels as though the drinks are being made ‘just for you’. If you catch our drift. Our particular favourite when we popped in was the Sgroppino G&T, you just gotta. But there are so many options, you might struggle, in a good way.

It’s a small place that only seats 18, so there’s an air of exclusivity about it too, and you’ll feel that exclusivity all over again when you chow down on Hansen’s small plates. Notably the Sugar-cured prawn omelette with smoked chilli sambal.

So, if you’re heading in for a full-blown meal at The Modern Pantry or just passing by. It’s a good shout.