TravelNoise: La Bouche, Denver

19 Mar 2022

When all the poppin’ happy hours around Denver are too full to accommodate your thirsty Thursday mood, might we suggest a spot that feels intimate but bustling, bougie but affordable, French but with a twist? Welcome to La Bouche, the romantic, friend or solo date night spot you’ll be so glad you know about.

Upon walking into La Bouche, my guest and I agreed that we felt like we walked into a French black and white movie. The classic crown molding ceiling and industrial vibe came together to create an old-new effect in the wine bar, and we appreciated all the soft drop lighting. There was a bustle and hum of happy hour, since it was Thursday after all, and we sat ourselves at the bar. We had a table waiting for us, but we could better people-watch and take in the whole scene from where we were.

The starkly black and white decor with shiny black tile behind the bar and marble countertops made La Bouche feel so fancy, and yet when we looked at the menu, we gawked at how reasonably priced everything was. The drinks menu is concentrated but explorative, with some classic favorites like the espresso martini ($12), which is what I went for. But if you’d prefer wine or beer, La Bouche delivers on all fronts.

My guest opted for the French 75 ($12), and while my martini was (honestly) one of the best I’ve ever had in my life, with freshly made espresso and the frothy and smooth flavors, we equally enjoyed my guest’s choice, which almost tasted like Limoncello. Yeah, La Bouche knows how to make a cocktail. 

The wine bar offers lighter bites and charcuterie boards, and we could’ve taken down the whole menu if given the chance. We were offered the option to try anything the kitchen wanted to send out, and we were thrilled to have been sent out a charcuterie board with soft goat cheese from Spain and a hard goat cheese, a wedge of comte, salami, olives, truffle mousse pate and fresh bread. All the elements of this board came together to become the epitome of a balanced board, with creamy, crunchy, crumbly, funky and umami elements all throughout. 

Finally, we were offered their housemade macaroon, with chocolate sauce drizzled over. Between my guest and I, the macaroon was gone in two bites, and we honestly wished we could’ve had 10 more. 

We were so impressed with the waitstaff’s friendly and engaging nature, the bartender’s excellent cocktail-making skills and the charcuterie board that, while light enough to be a snack, filled us up just enough to continue our thirsty Thursday at the bar across the street. La Bouche is, without a doubt, a must-try on your Denver foodie bucket list. 


La Bouche

Address: 1100 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Phone: (303) 830-3967