The Fabulous FoodNoise Guide to Wellness

20 Oct 2016

Wellness bibles, super-food diaries, lean machines and eating clean is just about everywhere right now.


So naturally, we wanted to jump on the bandwagon and give you our FoodNoise guide to wellness in your life, finding the easiest ways to fit it into your 21st Century, real-time schedule.

1) Tap Your Foot in the Lift

Yeah, we’re pretty bored with being told we should take the stairs, watching as the fitbit connoisseurs enthusiastically pass us shouting ‘this is my third lap’. There is an easy way to get round this however, we’ve been told that fidgeting can burn tens of thousands of calories – ok, maybe a huge exaggeration but, every little helps, right?

2) Get More Sleep

Having an early night isn’t always possible, especially when there are deadlines to be met, kids to ignore and pets to feed, so our advice here is to sleep wherever you can and whenever you can. Invest in one of those stylish neck pillows that the Two-Seat Sally always has on the Ryanair flight to Zante and utilise your time on the daily commute.

3) Breathe

Breathing correctly (in and out) is the best way to release stress and calm down, however it’s also a great way of getting people to avoid you. Ever walked into a room, caught someone with their eyes closed taking deep breaths and thought ‘glad they’re calm, now I can tell them about the fire in the basement.’ So, probably best to do it in private.

4) Forgive

Letting things go is like a massage for the soul and leads to a stress free life.  So, forgive the neighbour for parking across your driveway, forgive the cat for pooping in the hall, forgive the traffic warden for giving you a parking ticket, he was only doing his job, forgive the waiter for forgetting your chips and forgive your mate for ruining your designer dress… Forgive, forgive, forgive… aaaggghhh!

5) Balance Your Alcohol

We are sure as hell not about to start preaching about a teetotal lifestyle or promote a sober October (hats off to those who are though), the juicy-yoga-green lifestyle is fabulous in all its glory but sometimes it just doesn’t hit the spot, which is where the Supernatural juice brand come in. They’ve popped up in Spitalfields market for three months with a cutting-edge alcoholic juice bar. For the first time in the UK, someone is paying close attention to juicing and cocktails, using the rawest ingredients and mixing them with artisan spirits. Juices are dancing with the devil and we want to join in because now, there ain’t nothing to feel guilty about.