5 Reasons to be poppin’ bottles at FiZ Bar (pop-up closing soon!)

10 Aug 2017

Try your first ever sparkling wine, or sit safe with a Prosecco,  the team at FiZ are on a mission to ‘lighten up’ the mood of stuffy Champagne bars, and everyone seems keen to try it. Get to FiZ in Soho this week, before the pop-up closes on 12th August. Hurry now, y’hear!

1) The brains behind the mission

Our waiter and co-owner Barnaby Lewis is part of a stellar, passionate and well-traveled team (Max Bigland and Jordan Nadian) who found their inspiration for FiZ in the backstreet Cava bars of Barcelona, and each bring their own expertise (i.e. hospitality, food and wine, respectively). This trio is on a quest to do away with the formality of wine and Champagne bars—it’s cheaper (ranging from £4.50-£6/glass) and less pretentious.

2) The bubbles

If bubbly champagne is for celebrating, and smooth wine is for conversation, why not have both in one drink? The full spectrum of ‘prosecco to wine’ is explored in each of these sparkling tributes estates in Kent and Cornwall all the way to Portugal, Australia and Brazil. From safe, familiar options to the more daring (try the sparkling Shiraz!). Bringing a date who doesn’t care for the bubbles? Beer and spirits are also available.

3) The spot

Looking for a spot to meet friends (or your lover) and running out of ideas? Just off Brewer Street near Golden Square in Soho, and tucked into Lights of Soho, FiZ is all aglow with buzzing neon artworks. Even though this bright pop-up is packing up soon, you should check out the preamble to their permanent premises (which we’re told will be coming later this year) so you might want to get to the pop-up before it closes on 12th

4) The serving size

Gone are the limited bar snacks menu of olives and nuts, the food at FiZ is substantial enough to quell all your post-work tummy rumbles. With grilled cheese; duck, pastrami or pork buns; smoked trout; and boards of fine meats and cheeses with charcoal sourdough, these satisfying plates are both comforting yet creative spins on familiar fare. Chef Max Bigland strikes just the right note with each of these dishes.

5) The ecosystem

People from all ages and wages are gracing the stage at FiZ bar, from intimate couples on a romantic second date, to post-work parties with the office, or girl/guy gangs with a penchant for partying. The crowd is never too thick, and friendly faces abound. The energy is swirled elegantly by Barney who slides from table to table, zhooshing up the crowds and making sure everyone feels at home at FiZ.